The company story

In April 1990 an international one week seminar for future leaders was organized in Japan. One participant was invited from 50 different countries and another 50 participant came from Japan. An American sought after world class and truly global facilitator conducted the one week seminar. On Wednesday every participant was given the task to draft an organization, where he would like to work within three years. They were encouraged to use great creativity. Mr. Olli E. Juvonen, who had then turned around companies from losses to profits in Finland for ten years, created a Ghostbusters-like team. When there is somewhere a company making losses, then “whom you gonna call-Ghostbusters”. The best professionals in different businesses – regardless country – come together and eliminate the reasons for losses. After that they return in silence to square one. Saturday April 22nd, 1990 he found the company and invited among others the seminar facilitator to join the team.

The working title ”Ghostbusters” was modified to GoldBusters Oy in order to communicate the company´s business more properly. Goldbuster is a professional, who finds gold for companies that have lost it.

The business started in spring 1990 without a physical office, which was a much too brave solution at that time. Via Helsinki offices in Lauttasaari, Mikonkatu and World Trade Center finally in year 2000 it was up-to-date to start operating in a virtual environment.

In 1995, as a co-organizer, we invited several big Finnish companies to participate in an Internet conference held in the USA. The topic was how Internet will change the world. On our invitation Telecom Finland, later Telia-Sonera, sent a speaker to the “Commanding the Future”-conference held in Orlando September 28-30. Several others didn´t consider Internet of any importance.

During 29 years in operation GoldBusters Oy has turned around hundreds of companies all over the world. The facilitator of the seminar that led to founding GoldBusters Oy, facilitated among others over 100 implementation/leadership seminars for Nokia Group all over the world for several years at the turn of the century.

GoldBusters Oy has been a pioneer in interim executive and management assignments in Finland. In 1990 the first invoice sent was for an interim sales director assignment.