Our clients

A partial list includes:

  • One of the first Chapter 11 procedures in Finland during the recession in 1990s was Pekkaniska Oy. The Chapter 11 program was to end in 2013, but it was completed voluntarily in November 1999 without cutting the capital of any creditors.
  • Finding a successful exit-solution for Teamware Group after fourteen unsuccessful attempts.
  • Facilitating over 100 implementation/leadership seminars for Nokia Group all over the world for several years at the turn of the century.

    ”Very powerful. Presentation filled with a lot of examples.” Manager – Nokia

    ”The best training that I have received in my professional life.” Senior Manager – Huhtamäki

  • Several assignments with exchange-listed and family-owned companies, among others:
    Aalto Yliopisto, Aarikka, Avec-Shoe (TopMan), ABB Service, Cariitti, Cybercraft, Eirikuva, Exel Composites, Exel Sports, Karl Fazer, Hackman, Helsingin Ekonomit, Helsingin Kuvalaattatehdas, Helsingin Puhelin, Honkarakenne, Hotelzon UK, Huhtamaki, V. Hukkanen, Janneniska, JP-Suunnittelu, Jutel, Kauppakaari, Konecranes, KPMG, Labquality, Linkosuo, Länsi-Suomi, Mainospyörä, Meridean Financial Software, Mirasys, Mäkitorpan Autoradio, Nokia, Oriola, Orion, Osuuspankki Keskus, Oulun Teknologiakylä, Paloheimo, Pekkaniska, Primula, Puolangan kunta, Rej, Reprostudio Heku, Reprostudio Luomanen & Raunio, Santasalo-JOT, Satatuote, Sitra, Suomen Jobs and Society, Suomen Uusyrityskeskus, Suominen, Oy Sähkö Ab, Talentum, Tapiola, Teamware Group, Tietotehdas, Valmet Oy Lentokonetehdas, A.Vogel, ja Zeeland

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